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MBA (Digital Transformation)

MBA (Digital Transformation) Program – 2 year full time Program

Background: No enterprise can succeed today without investing in digital transformation. Adapting technology to the specific needs of the business and integrating it with existing systems is extremely complex. Most companies have embedded legacy technologies that are difficult to change. These issues can only be resolved with people who have technological depth and breadth, and the ability to work together with the business and there is a growing need for such people as Solution or Change Architects.

Objectives: MBA in Digital Transformation is designed as a multidisciplinary post graduate program with a strong commitment to industry relevance as well as business and social implications. Its objective is to make the students to have a multidisciplinary skills and perspectives in order to enable them to architect digital innovations and disruption.

MBA in Digital Transformation is designed to help organizations build a digital culture by grooming a workforce who can leverage emerging digital technologies to transform business.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, MCA, or B.Sc. (IT).  Two to five years of industry experience is desirable.

Duration: Two Year Full time course comprising of 6 trimesters.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a digital transformation framework for an organization as the blueprint for transformation
  2. Imbibe digital culture that brings together new technologies and business processes
  3. Develop Advanced Skills in Digital Technologies to integrate it into the Business
  4. Use intelligent automation to improve process efficiency.


Industry Partner: Industry leaders in that work on digital transformation projects like  TCS, AWS, IBM, Deloitte etc.



Trim I

Trim II

Trim III




Design Thinking and Innovation -Hands on Based

CRM and Marketing Analytics (Lab based) (MK)

ERP and Enterprise Platforms and Architectures (Lab based) (DT)

Mathematical Foundations of Analytics (AN)

Business Economics (GM)

Building Blocks of Digital Capability Model (GM)/ (DT)

 Cloud Computing
 (Lab based) (DT)

Corporate Finance (FN)

Strategic Management

Marketing Management (MK)

Data Engineering & visualization (Lab based) (AN)

Online Platforms and their role in Digital Transformation (DT)


Operations Management (OP)

Supply Chain Management (OP)

Value added Course

Value added Course

Value added Course







Trim IV

Trim V

Trim VI

Financial Supply Chain and Digital Payments (FN)

Mastering Digital Transformations/ Implementing Change in Digital World (GM)

Elective - 3

Business Process Transformation and Intelligent Automation (Lab based) (DT)

IOT and Blockchain (Lab based) (DT)

Elective - 4

Organizational Capabilities for Digital Transformations (HR)

EDGE – Value Driven Digital Transformation

Elective - 5

Cyber Regulatory Framework (GM)

Elective - 1

Project in Company / Capstone

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Machine Learning  (DT)

Elective - 2


Value added Course

Value added Course












Disruptive Financial strategies of 21st Century - BFSI

Smart Manufacturing - MFG


Digital Transformation for Automative Industry-MFG

Technology for E- Commerce - Retail


Technology for Retail industry - Retail

Managing Complexity- Common


Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing-( AI-2 )- Common

Technology for SCM & Logistics Industry - Common


Project Management- Common

IT Risk Management- Common


HR Technologies - Common

Architecting Solutions- Case Studies - Common


Digital Service Management- Common

Relational. NoSQL and Graph Databases - Common


Human Machime Intelligence


Job Profiles:

  1. To be a core team member of "Transformation Office" or "Digital Transformation Office" which is typically set-up by all large conglomerates. These are typically is initiative based, time-bound Programme.
  2. To be a part of team of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and aspire to become one in due course. The CDO typically comes from a deep IT background and some CIOs are not transforming themselves into CDOs as required and expected by their companies. This is happening since large part of routine IT (maintenance, support and some development) is increasingly being outsourced freeing enough bandwidth for CIO to become strategic through this role. CDOs typically work closely with top consulting companies to carve-out right Digital initiatives etc., and our MBAs could be very useful in that as well.
  3. To be part of top-class Executive Assistant team of very high-profile CEOs and MDs. Earlier plain MBAs were recruited (which will continue) but good infusion of MBA with DT is already need of the hour as these EAs have to interface with CDOs (of their own companies sometimes), and also provide vital inputs on Digital Transformations to the CEO.
  4. Pure play consulting companies will definitely need them as part of consulting team. MBAs with DT will be at the middle of the proverbial consulting pyramid and be crucial in many consulting assignments where Digital is definitely flavour of the season for quite sometime, and will continue for quite sometime. The designations here could be Digital Consultant which is at par with Domain Consultant. There could be various levels depending upon the overall experience and Domain (Industry) also will play an important role.
  5. Many client facing roles, including high-level Sales and Marketing roles, account management roles, etc., will also value MBA with DT as client also expects a lot of dialogue around Digital Transformation. MBA-DT would be a sought after team member in a Sales team in many industries.
  6. MBA-DT candidates are better prepared for start-ups (in general) due to exposure to all key technologies.
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